Monday, 10 August 2009

Dr Death Returns

The man who supplied money that helped finance his friends' attempt to create a new entrance in Glasgow airport by exploding a car laden with fuel in the front wall of the terminal is today back working for the NHS.

Despite overwhelming evidence Dr Mohammed Asha, 28, was cleared by a jury of any serious terrorist activity. However, the Home Office still views the mad doctor of hate as a severe threat to National Security.

Asha's bedside manner was descibed by a fellow doctor (who wished to remain anonymous) as 'excellent...provided you make a small donation to his 'Kill the Infidels' fund'. Full details of the glasgow Airport and London car bombs 'incidents' can be found here at my very first blog post!

Doctor cleared of Glasgow bomb plot works in NHS hospital after Home Office dropped bid to deport him

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Proof That Allah Isn't Listening

When the Captain of an airplane says "prepare for a crash landing", you know things are bad.

Luckily, in the Western world pilots are highly trained and you know that everything will be done to get you down in one piece. For example, in the recent 'miracle on the Hudson' crash the American pilot managed to save everyone on board.

Passengers on a Muslim airline though weren't so lucky and in 2005 16 were killed when their plane crashed off the coast of Italy.

Although both crashes occured near airports and both planes crashed into water there was one major difference.

The American captain relied on his experience, training and initiative to land the plane safely with no deaths.

The Muslim pilot decided to skip emergency procedure and pray to Allah instead.

The Muslim pilot has just been sentenced to 10 years by an Italian court.

So, the next time you're sitting in a plane ready to take off and the pilot welcomes you by saying "Welcome aboard. I'm Captain Mohammed and I'm your pilot" ... check your travel insurance includes 'acts of god'.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Love, Honour and Rape

Yes they're at it again!

A mad Muslim cleric in Australia is preaching the usual Islamic messages of death and misery to his flock. Whilst all civilised societies recognise the right of a woman not to be raped, Samir Abu Hamza is openly preaching that a man can force his wife to have sex whenever he finds he cannot control his sexual urges and that this does not constitute rape because it is his right to do so. He can even demand sex if she is in the middle of 'preparing him the bread on the stove'!!!

The same mad Aussie Islamonazi nutcase cleric is unsurpisingly also in favour of lightly beating one's wives (but not with a broomstick).

Australia 's Muslim problem has almost reached the epidemic proportions of the UK. In 2007, top Oz Islamonazi, the Mufti of Australia (no, I didn't make it up it really is his title) described uncovered women as 'uncovered meat' inviting rape.

Maybe Muslim women should consider covering up in their own homes too.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

'Just Dhimmified'

ITV last week became the latest victim of the apparently contagious disease of Dhimmification.

During a wedding scene from Coronation Street they decided to remove a cross from a church altar to avoid receiving death threats from followers of everybody's favourite death cult.

Their decision is quite bizarre as the programme is a form of light entertainment and is therefore intended to give people enjoyment from watching it. As any form of enjoying oneself is strictly forbidden under Islamic law this should mean that no Muslims would be watching the programme in the first place. However, it is understood that a splinter group from the extreme Islamonazi Muslim Council of Britain has been formed with members having the sole purpose of forcing themselves to watch Infidel TV in order to be offended. Obviously Coronation Street, a soap opera set around a pub and a bookies with a hindu as one of its main characters, was a good place to start.

A spokesperson for the MCB splinter group stated that there would have been no need to remove the cross from the scene provided a live beheading of an Infidel was used in its place.

Monday, 5 January 2009

Hamas Reject Calls For Ceasefire

Hamas have once again decided to ignore international calls for a ceasefire and have continued to launch numerous rockets at civilian populated Israeli towns. Israel , which has already stated it would cease its defensive military action if Hamas permanantly stops its attacks, continues to receive the backing from all civilised nations in its efforts to defend its borders and people.

The story so far... In June last year Israel and Hamas agreed to a 6 month ceasefire. Israel stuck to the ceasefire, Hamas, however, continued to fire rockets (although at a reduced rate) into several southern Israeli towns on a daily basis. Last month Hamas, for reasons known only to itself, said the group would not renew the truce and on Christmas eve they recommenced an intense rocket attack from Gaza. Israel was left no alternative other than to defend itself by launching its own attack on the terror group. Despite Israel making every effort to keep civilian casualties to a minimum, many Palestinian civilians have been killed. This is primarily due to Hamas cowards launching their rocket attacks from mosques and other highly populated sites and then running away.

Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal spoke defiantly from his cosy safe bunker beneath a mosque used as military headquarters. Surrounded by women and children, he stated that Palestinians would fight until their last drop of blood and that they shouldn't worry as he was right behind them (although obviously out of firing range).

Nobody likes to see innocent civilians killed but if you elect a terrorist group to govern you then it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out the consequences.

I would like to wish everybody a happy and peaceful 2009.

Love and kisses, Mo (PBUM) xxx

Monday, 20 October 2008

Sony Change Logo As Mark of Respect

Sony today appeared to join the ever growing ranks of gutless dhimmitude when it delayed the release of PS3 game 'Little Big Planet' in order not to offend a certain sector of the community who like to take offence on a regular basis.

Apparently, the game's soundtrack included 2 lines from the Koran. Most civilised people may wonder why anybody should find lines from a 'holy' book offensive but when dealing with Islam it should be noted that much of the Koran is based on hatred and was written whilst under the influence of hallucinogenic substances (I was having a bad day).

A later press release from Sony was quite ambiguous. We now believe the decision to remove the offensive material may have been taken in order not to offend decent law abiding citizens rather than Muslims who are well used to listening to the hate filled diatribe contained within the Koran.

LittleBigPlanet Delayed

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Still Not Sure About The Afghan War?

Muslim 'Freedom Fighters' in Afghanistan showed today why their organisation is so attractive to UK born Pakistani males when they murdered a woman for having a job.

Lt-Col Malalai Kakar headed the country's 'Crimes against women' department and had received several death threats from the Afghan brigade of the straggly-beard club (AKA The Taleban). In true Islamic tradition they also attempted to murder her young son but ran away when, after being shot several times, the boy said 'boo' to them.

The Taleban had banned all women from working when they were in power. "She was our target, and we successfully eliminated our target." said a Taleban spokesman as he joyously beat his 8 year old wife.

Top Afghan Policewoman Shot Dead